working on and improving one technique positively affects my other techniques.

for example, harp sweeping improves sweeping.

all hammer ons improve legato. and ability to hold chords.

and this is a 2-way channel.

holding down chords improves hand strength and legato.

thus it all becomes a network.

a self referential, self-maintaining language of guitar playing.

and to extend beyond guitar.

it also deepens my mind.

i feel a meditative ease after a long session of guitar playing.

there is a gooey tube-like feeling of my mind.

like everything i touch is precious.

because i spent hours focusing on the textures of the guitar strings, suddenly my mind is attuned and attentive to the textures of everything in my consciousness.

it is mysterious and strange.

i love it.

it expands my creativity, composition, production, recording. everything. the guitar is a tool. a tool of the mind.

reality becomes more fluid.

especially after 12 hours.