building blocks

fret the following note with your ring finger

E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|
G |----------------------------|
D |----------------------------|
A |--7-------------------------|
E |----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|

does your index finger shoot up?

if it raises up

it is a sign of a lack of finger independence.

my left index finger used to go up a lot

and i would have to consciously move it down.

if i consciously make it as low as possible

there is less distance to move

more efficient playability.

keep an eye on all fingers.

as low as possible.

this focus will make fingers more independent.

questions and feedback: if you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, or want to see something more, please email me i am always looking to help out and for ways to develop this further. this is a constantly growing brain, and i would love to build it with you. to chase reality together.