efficient practice requires working on many things at once.

to cultivate multiple skills at once.

to unify all fields into one by working on all of them simultaneously.

to maximize my hours.

to do more within less things.

to do more in less time.

to merge concepts together.


to treat practice as true refinement of ones craft.

i find myself thinking that the most efficient practice session, of any kind, with any instrument needs to be the intersection of at least 2-3 things:

left hand practice

right hand practice

music theory practice or awareness

expores a composition framework

makes music


E |--0-------------|--0-------------|--0-------------|--0-------------|
B |-----0----------|-----0----------|-----0----------|-----0----------|
G |--------2-------|--------4-------|--------6-------|--------7-------|
D |-----------0----|-----------0----|-----------0----|-----------0----|
A |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|


this exercise practices:

reverse right hand PIMA finger picking

practices going up the A major scale

practics the composition framework of open tuning parallel motions

and also having one structure move while another stays the same

and it sounds amazing. this will be a song.

doing this unifies all fields.

everything becomes blurred.

and it transcends technique.

good guitar technique is no technique at all.

just music.

if you want to practice a technique. make your own music with it.

the technique becomes a tool for language

instead of an exercise.

write more examples...