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natural harmonics + alternate tunings + swybrid picking
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Jul 11, 2021 4:07 AM
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once the mechanics of natural harmonics have been understood

as with swybrid picking

and exploring alternate tunings:

i can explore both of these things at once

CDADGA 8 string tuning:

P |-<V>----------------<V>---------------<V>------------------<V>--|

E |-<7>-------------------------------------------------------<7>--|
A |----<7>-------------<7>---------------------------------<7>-----|
G |-------<7>-------<7>---<7>------------<7>------------<7>--------|
D |-----------<7><7>---------<7>------<7>---<7>------<7>-----------|
A |-----------------------------<7><7>---------<7><7>--------------|
D |----------------------------------------------------------------|
C |----------------------------------------------------------------|

<V> indicates when to finger pluck the note with your right hand, instead of it being part of the sweep motion.

acts as a pivoting point.

which is what achieves the harp sound.

absolutely love the contour that is produced here.

questions and feedback: if you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, or want to see something more, please email me i am always looking to help out and for ways to develop this further. this is a constantly growing brain, and i would love to build it with you. to chase reality together.