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building blocks

basics of sliding.

strings and chords.

indian classical sounds.

sliding one fret is easy, doing 12 exactly is hard

super narrow to super wide slides.

remember that indian slinky guthrie govan lick.

sliding can give the illusion of non-discrete pitch intervals/non-granularity. when in reality it is just a bunch of semitones going up and down fast.

if i slide up slow:


the discreteness will be heard

but if i slide fast


it will sound almost fretless (unless i really pay attention)

and i can use this for creative effect. sliding up slowly with chords:

questions and feedback: if you have any questions, or need clarification on anything, or want to see something more, please email me i am always looking to help out and for ways to develop this further. this is a constantly growing brain, and i would love to build it with you. to chase reality together.